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Small Fandoms Fest the Tenth: Prompt Submission

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Nov. 19th, 2011 | 03:32 am
posted by: cold_tea in ace_of_arts

Originally posted by spikedluv at Small Fandoms Fest the Tenth: Prompt Submission

Fest Schedule/Important Dates

Nov 1 - Nov 21: Prompt Submission Period
Nov 23: Prompts Available for Claiming & Posting Period Opens
Nov 23 - Jan 31: Posting Period
Jan 31: Final Day of Posting Period


1. You will not be required to claim a prompt in order to submit a prompt.

2. There is no limit on the number of prompts you may submit.

3. When the time comes, you may claim your own prompt.

4. All ratings, pairings (gen, het, slash and femslash, threesomes, none, etc), and genres are welcome.

5. Crossovers between small fandoms are allowed.

6. RPF is generally not allowed; it will only be allowed if you can convince me that it qualifies as a small fandom, ie, it is based on a show/series/program, such as Top Gear or Ghost Hunter. If there’s nothing to place in the ‘fandom’ portion of the prompt besides RPF or CW RPF, then it probably doesn’t qualify. Example: “Make Me a Supermodel, Tyson/Perry, practice makes perfect” qualifies, but “J2, Jared/Jensen, between takes” doesn’t.

7. When submitting prompts:

a. You must include your LJ name so that I may contact you if I have a question regarding your prompt. If I am unable to get a hold of you for clarification, your prompt may be deleted.

b. Fandom: If your fandom could either be A) a book or TV fandom, or B) a comic or a movie, for example, specify which one you’re submitting the prompt for, otherwise it will be up to the writer to choose.

c. Character or Pairing specifications (the & and the /):

Character A: prompt is character A-centric; whether gen, het or slash is up to the writer unless you specify gen only

Character A & Character B: & = friendship fic only

Character A/Character B: / = pairing fic only

Character A & or / Character B: & or / = friendship or pairing fic, up to the writer

Writer’s Choice: use if you don’t have a preference for the Character/Pairing and want to leave it up to the writer (Please do not list writer’s choice for both the character/pairing AND the prompt, as that sort of defeats the purpose of writing to prompts.)

d. Do not use last names unless it is the convention in your fandom to do so. For example, please use Jack/Nathan rather than Jack Carter/Nathan Stark. Uniformity will make it easier for searching purposes later on.

e. Before you submit your prompt, please check the existing list of prompts to see how other people have listed the fandom name, pairing, etc. If you could do your best to keep fandom name, pairing etc uniform it will help with searching later on.

f. For fandoms that begin with ‘The’, place the ‘The’ last. (Example, Fast and the Furious, The) This will help with keeping the fandoms properly alphabetized in the database.

8. If you’re unsure whether your fandom qualifies, please read the What Qualifies as a Small Fandom? post. If your fandom is not listed there, but you’re still uncertain if it qualifies, please ask in comments to that post.

Prompt Submission Form

Complete List of Prompts

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